pinoythaiyo thai girl survives fall from 26th floor

Thai woman unbelievably survives fall from 26th floor

A Thai woman miraculously survived a fall from the 26th floor of a condominium at Ramkhamhaeng area in Bangkok, thanks to some leaves and branches.

According to Thai media, the woman had a fight with her foreign boyfriend and decided to jump off the balcony of the condominium they live in. It’s on the 26th floor! The incident happened around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Falling off from 26th floor of a tall building will surely lead to death, but in this case, the woman fell off a tree first before dropping on the grass which saved her life.

The woman got multiple bone fractures and broken legs, but her head did not suffer any injury.

Rescue team arrived within five minutes after the incident, but the woman was given proper treatment in a hospital only after two hours.

According to Erawan Emergency Centre, the rescue team first brought the woman to a nearby hospital which is only a kilometer away from the incident as part of the protocol, but was denied emergency treatment due to a “lack of necessary equipment”.

The hospital allegedly told the rescue team that the woman’s case is too severe for their capability. The rescue team was forced to look for other hospitals and ended up bringing her to Police General Hospital where she received treatment at around 4 a.m.

Netizens were not happy upon learning that the woman received proper treatment only after two hours.