Thailand confirms 8 Omicron cases, 3 more pending

Thai health authorities have confirmed 8 cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant among international visitors, with the results yet to be confirmed for 3 more patients. The country has yet to identify any infections of the new variant of concern among local communities.

The Department of Medical Sciences (DMS) on December 13 reported a total of 11 confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases caused by the Omicron variant of concern, all among international visitors.

Of the total 11 cases, 8 patients have already been confirmed to carry the new Omicron strain, while the confirmation for three more cases is still pending.

The 8 confirmed Omicron cases report today already include the first three confirmed cases previously reported, with the five new additions among foreign visitors and Thai nationals who came from Nigeria, the UK, South Africa, the U.S., and the UAE.

The three patients currently awaiting for their results include a Thai national from DR Congo, and two visitors from the UK.

DMS Director General Dr Supakit Sirilak said Thailand has constantly been running surveillance on COVID-19 strains in the country with the Delta variant being the dominant strain.

Genomic sequencing results from random samples conducted from 1 November to 10 December identified 4,777 Delta cases, 8 Alpha cases, and 1 Delta case.

Dr Wichan Pawan, head of the general communicable diseases bureau at the Department of Disease Control, said the number of daily new cases in Thailand remains lower than projected, adding that health officials are now discussing whether COVID-19 would eventually become an endemic.

Source: NNT