Thailand maintains ‘fully-reopen’ entry rules

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to clarify that Thailand continues to welcome all international tourists under the fully-reopen-to-tourism policy that was introduced on 1 October, 2022.

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, H.E. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, said “International travellers arriving in Thailand are not required to show proof of vaccination.”

In addition, foreign tourists are not required to show ATK or RT-PCR test results.

As part of the full reopening to tourism, Thailand is also offering a longer period of stay for visitors. Effective through to 31 March, 2023, the period of stay is extended to 45 days (from 30 days) for tourists from countries/territories entitled for visa exemption, and to 30 days (from 15 days) for those eligible for a Visa on Arrival (VOA).

However, while Thailand is welcoming all visitors, a visitor source market may require incoming visitors including their own nationals returning home to have a negative PCR result.

Thus, Thailand is aiming to correspond with rules of these countries – among them are China and India. Therefore, passengers from a country that has requirements for RT-PCR test must have health insurance covering treatment of COVID-19 in Thailand.

With the ‘Visit Thailand Year 2023: Amazing New Chapters’ campaign, tourists the world over are invited to experience the kingdom’s myriad of wonderful existing and new tourism experiences, products and services.

Public Health Measures for Foreign Travellers Entering Thailand

On 10 January, 2023, the Department of Disease Control (DDC), Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) issued “Public Health Measures for Foreign Travellers Entering Thailand” as per the following:

  1. Proof of vaccination is NO longer required.
  2. Travellers from the listed countries requirement negative RT-PCR test results before departure from Thailand should have health insurance covering at least US$10,000 for COVID-19 treatment that covers the duration of stay in Thailand plus 7 additional days.
    • Those with business arrangements, including flight crews and students, may have an official letter from the host or other form of insurance to cover such need.
    • The quarantine officer will randomly check the proof of insurance of travellers from the listed countries. If that travellers does not have proof of insurance, the traveller will have to purchase health insurance before immigration.
  3. Holders of Thai passports and transit/transfer passengers are exempted from the health insurance checks.
  4. The airlines must adhere to related regulation and comply with the guidance as appropriate such as asking passengers to wear mask at all times except during meals or emergency situations.
  5. Any passenger having symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival shall be recommended to get a COVID-19 test at arrival.

The DDC has included China Mainland and India in its list of countries that require all travellers showing negative RT-PCR test results before departure from Thailand. Travellers can contact the DDC Hotline 1442 or visit for more information.

Notice to Air Missions

Also on 10 January, 2023, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) issued a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) to airlines flying into Thailand in line with the Public Health Measures for Foreign Travellers Entering Thailand issued on the same day by the DDC, MoPH.

The NOTAM outlined advices on health insurance as well as other health-related recommendations. It is intended by CAAT and concerned travel authorities to facilitate entry and to support the best possible visitor experience.

The NOTAM is advisory in nature and is not compulsory for airlines. Airlines can act at its discretion with regards to their passengers coming to Thailand.

Start and End Dates for DDC and CAAT Announcements

The DDC’s Public Health Measures for Foreign Travellers Entering Thailand and the CAAT’s Notice to Air Missions are effective from 10 January, 2023, until further notice. According to the MoPH, once those countries lift requirement of the RT-PCR before entry then the health insurance is automatically not required.

Source: TAT