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Thailand’s GPO to sell ATKs for 35 baht per piece

BANGKOK, Thailand. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) is set to sell 3.5 million antigen test kits (ATKs) to the public for a much lower price of 35 baht a piece.

ATK prices in Thailand are ranging from 40-100 a piece as of the writing.

Dr. Witoon Danwiboon, GPO managing director, informed the public that the organization has signed a contract to buy the 3.5 million ATKs from a supplier and that the products will be delivered by 1 million kits a week.

By next week, GPO plans to add 5 million more ATKs to help the country fight against Covid and its new Omicron variant.

The plan to invite bids among suppliers is on its way. By then, a much lower price of ATKs should be expected.

Dr. Witoon also added that ATKs using saliva are included in the procurement plan. The public may buy ATKs at a lower price via or at GPO’s drug stores.