Dad photobomb his sons portrait

Watch: Army dad strikes a ‘bomb’ to his son… and it’s sweet!

After many months abroad, US Army Corporal James Bass returned home to Durham, North Carolina and surprised third grader son Joshua by photobombing him during his official school portrait photo shoot.

James patiently stood by behind his son’s view while the photographer gave instructions to his son. As the 8-eight-year old boy posed for his picture, James stepped into the background of the shot. And that’s where the ‘photobombing done right’ happened!

The photographer quickly showed the boy his photos. Joshua realized that his dad is in the background but still could not believe that it’s possible, until the photographer told him that his dad is indeed right behind him. The whole touching reunion between father and son was captured in the video below.

School portraits are for memories. But Joshua got an added momentous experience that he will cherish for a lifetime.

Source: SoldierBoy