Wharton School: Roxas graduated with an economics degree in 1979


Wharton School: Roxas graduated with an economics degree in 1979

The Wharton School has confirmed that administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas is one of its alumni based on the records from the University of Pennsylvania registrar, report said.

GMA News Research asked the Wharton School to confirm or deny if presidential candidate Mar Roxas i indeed one of its alumni, and the response is a confirmation of what the Roxas camp put in his campaign portfolio. The Wharton School affirmed that Roxas graduated with an economics degree in 1979.

Prior to this, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte claimed that Mar Roxas did not graduate from Wharton.

You claim to have graduated from Wharton School of Economics. That is a myth. You did not graduate from Wharton, Mr. Roxas. Wala doon sa listahan na ikaw naka-kumpleto ng 4 years or 5 years for a degree. Tanungin mo ang Wharton. (You aren’t on the list of those who completed a 4- or 5-year degree. You ask Wharton),” Duterte said in his “Gikan Sa Masa, Para Sa Masa” episode on Sunday, December 13.

Before the confirmation, the Roxas camp responded to Duterte’s claim by posting on his website his picture as a Wharton alumnus.

The “myth” issues have set a wildfire among supporters of both camps. While the pronouncement of former DILG Secretary Roxas that ‘Davao City’s Safety is a myth’ has uproared the Duterte’s followers, the counter attack of former Davao City Mayor Duterte on Roxas’ Wharton graduate issue is now trending over the net. And now Wharton has spoken.

Tell us your thoughts and write your comment below. Who is telling a myth and who is telling the truth? We deserve to know.

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