Major Cineplex releases statement after Thai woman claims of flea infection

Major Cineplex, one of the country’s biggest cinema chains, released an official statement after a Thai woman claimed that she got bitten by fleas while watching a movie at the Major Ekkamai branch.

Naipaporn Phakdeepanitpong’s Facebook post went viral after she claimed that she was bitten by fleas while watching the movie Logan at the said branch. She had to see a doctor who said that several pustules that formed on her legs probably came from the dirty carpet or seats of the cinema.

She continues that when the management of the cinema saw the trending post, she was immediately contacted to be taken to another hospital for a second opinion. She was even presented with a gift basket and a Gold Card membership for a free movie pass, a standard among this type of circumstances, she continued.

Major Cineplex had made their internal investigations and afterwards released an official statement with regards to the matter. The movie chain has denied the flea allegations by the complainant.

It states that according to their follow up checkup, the pustules formed on the complainant’s legs might have been caused by other insects or by an allergic reaction to certain chemicals, which could happen anywhere. The management maintains the strict compliance of the branch, and the company in general, to its overall cleanliness, may it be inside the theatre or its vicinity. At the end of the day, the cleaning process continues by having to apply “ozone treatment” after each screening and once in every 3 months, all seats and carpets are given a good clean.

Source: Thai Visa