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Alleged ‘recruiter’ clarifies issues on stranded 51 pinoys in Trang

PinoyThaiyo contacted the alleged Filipino recruiter who refuted most of the allegations against him by the 51 pinoys who are now stranded and in need of help in Trang province. He is married to a Thai national who signed the contract along with other Filipino in his team on behalf of the students who are under a team contract.

He clarified that he and his team are not recruiters but part of the school that provided the training to the interns. He also said while his presence cannot be seen by the students he made sure that they were being taken care of. He mentioned that his team contacted the Embassy to report what was happening and just like what Khun Ning, the school’s GM said, they provided shelter for the students. They also reached out to the Trang provincial government to ask for assistance.

During the phone conversation which lasted for 20 minutes, he confirmed that the students would be receiving the 130-140k pesos they paid if they would not be interviewed by cruise ship companies during their stay in Thailand. He said the refund would be given by the school owner. As for those who failed in the interview, he said that his company would be assisting the students for one year as agreed. 

PinoyThaiyo also asked about the contract which the students said they don’t have a copy of. He clarified that there is a contract but it’s between his team (on behalf of the students) and the school. As per advice of his lawyer, he will be showing the contract during the orientation where he and his team, a high-ranking police officer in Bangkok, the school owner and the students would be present. Initially it was scheduled on March 31, however because of the lockdown it was advised by the police to move the date when the situation improves, according to him.

He also said that he is available to help the student interns anytime in Trang. He also mentioned that his car can be used 24/7 to assist the students. He also asked for patience and understanding as the process to get the interviews was already in place had there been no COVID-19.

“Sana balance, hindi one-sided. We are in the same situation. Kung wala lang COVID-19, wala sanang problema. Habaan pa yung pasensya. We will be there,” he added.

Meanwhile, another student intern reached out to PinoyThaiyo on Wednesday evening to refute what the alleged pinoy recruiter said. He said they could barely contact him and never even visited them just once. They couldn’t even remember when was their last communication with him since the cancellation of the scheduled open forum on March 31.

51 pinoy interns stranded in Trang province