Bangkok air quality at unsafe levels again

The Pollution Control Department has detected poor air quality again this month as the amount of micro-fine dust has exceeded the safe limits on all its 5 air quality monitoring stations, as reported Monday on Bangkok Post.


The department reported that the particle matter, or PM 2.5, for the past 24 hour rose from the 52 microgrammes per cubic meter last Sunday, to a 76 microgrammes per cubic meter in Bangna yesterday.


In Wang Thong Lang district, it rose from 50 to 75 microgrammes per cubic meter, 51 to 77 microgrammes per meter was recorded in Rama IV – Pathumwan district, from 55 to 86 cubic meters in Intarapitak (Thonburi district), 52 to 73 microgrammes per cubic meter in Ladphrao district and from 42 to 69 microgrammes per cubic meter in Phaya Thai district.


The standard limit in Thailand is set at 50 microgrammes per cubic meter.


Air quality control expert Supat Wangwongwatana said that Bangkok has been covered by heavy smog containing PM 2.5 as a result of common factors such as heavy traffic, or high volume of vehicles, and air pressure conditions, that block airflow. He suggested that vehicle control regulations should be imposed in case that air quality continues to worsen. He emphasized the heavy transport used as the prime factor of the bad air quality.


This report came again after in February, Thailand’s air quality hit a dangerous levels.