Bangkok Expats Defend Filipinos from Racist Ad

bangkok expats defend filipinos2

bangkok expats defend filipinos2


Bangkok Expats Defend Filipinos from Racist Ad

UPDATE: Craig Thompson breaks silence, issues letter of apology.

Aghast fellow expats from different countries came to the defense of Filipino teacher applicants in Thailand following a racist advertisement posted on social media Wednesday evening.

A man whose name is Craig Thompson caught the ire of many foreigners after he posted a job offer on BANGKOK EXPATS Facebook group which bears racist comments and expletives against prospective Filipino teacher applicants.

In his post, Thompson said:

“Hi everyone, I have a job based in Beung Kan (North Thailand). Native Speakers Only! No Filipinos sorry to say. Actually I will not apologize! I DO NOT WANT FILIPINOS WORKING FOR ME! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS (F**K OFF)

craig thompson racis ad

Thompson who was advertising for Go Teach Thailand  then went on to compare Asian skin, particularly that of a Filipino, to Caucasian’s.

craig thompson racis ad 2

“We have so many people from or called filipinos who think or wish they were Caucasian! the fact of the matter is that they are Asian! and their skin color will never change! sorry to say you WILL NEVER BE WHITE!”, Thompson said in his comments in the thread.

craig thompson racist ad 4

Not contented by his rants, Thompson also called Filipinos names such as “STUPID FILIPINOS… AND USELESS CUNTS ASIAN”. He also said he considers Filipinos the same as “niggers”. “Nigger” is an offensive slang word for black people.

craig thompson racis ad3

Just moments after the post, comments flooded Thompson’s ad mostly admonishing him while others defending Filipinos from his rants.

Jerald Cool Pianist Choi, a Facebook user, commented this “I am not a Filipino, but somehow I feel offended… I understand his original post and its intentions, but his comments is just plain rude and offensive… Aren’t educators supposed to be able to think rationally and to use words appropriately?”

jerald cool

Iwona F-el had to say this “I can’t believe it! Is he a teacher? A person hiring TEACHERS?! With this attitude and language?? Shame!”

Iwona Fel

Others also posted some encouraging words to Filipinos. The ad has since been deleted but remains a hot topic in the group as of posting time since many had shared the racist ad in different Facebook groups like wildfire.

The Filipino community in Bangkok which is mostly comprised of teachers also rallied together to condemn what they labeled as below the belt remarks against Filipinos. They responded with strongly-worded comments on social media.

On the other hand, some commenters urged Filipinos to fight back when their rights are being stomped on.

“At some point you need to stand your ground and show others what you are really capable of. We are now in the 21st century and racism has no place in this world anymore,” said another commenter.

Meanwhile, other expats also posted negative reviews on Go Teach English TEFL and Go Teach English Facebook page where Craig Thompson is supposedly working. Most of the reviews condemned the racist remarks and gave warning to other applicants, both NES (Native English Speakers) and non-NES, not to apply. The reviews, which were more than 300 in just 12 hours, prompted the owner to deactivate the page on Friday morning.

goteachthailand review not available

Another page Craig Thompson is managing, Study Inc., was not also spared.

reviews on craigs pages

Despite this, Filipinos in Thailand are grateful to other foreigners for defending them from racist attacks such as this.

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151 comments on “Bangkok Expats Defend Filipinos from Racist Ad

  1. fords on

    He is talking like he hates working with Asians not thinking that he is in Thailand and working for an Asian moron.

    • Lazy Daisy on

      Exactly! Isn’t that stupid? How the hell could you say #Craigthompson “STRICTLY NO ASIANS” and you are in Thailand which is a part of Asia? Shame on you. You don’t deserved to be called an educator. I am a Filipino and I am in the USA teaching elementary students and never did I hear any racial discrimination here.

  2. Vincent Grupe on

    such an idiot hating asian and he is working in thailand . . lucky those patients in mental has cure but this person’ sickness no cre at all tsk tsk tsk gosh lets watch how gou suffer

  3. Walter Patubo on

    It is bad to hex. But may karma take him as soon as possible. Or better yet, does anyone know this guy? Please tell him, with his attitude I challenge him one on one, man to man fight!

  4. Brad Morton on

    Maybe this low-intellect Craig Thompson is envious because most Filipinos I know have a much better command of the English language than he does. We have to wonder where this semiliterate Craig guy is actually from, maybe from deep in the Ozark mountains where they didn’t have regular schools… ??? What an axxhole!!!

  5. Pawee Sayson on

    Please join me in urging the Thai government to close the operation of his business. Make an appeal to your own embassy to work with Thailand in revoking the business permit of this racist. He even included the N word. How dare he!!

    • oxygen on

      Join me as well to close all Thai businesses because Thais are discriminative and racist against foreigners.

  6. Braian Gualberto on

    this guy is very #INSECURE i feel pity on him his heart is full of hatred #CraigThompson is #SoPathetic
    better consult your nearest Psychiatrist.. stressful lifestyle may lead to severe depression that causes nervous breakdown.. 🙂 🙂 Craig take your med’s now! just a friendly advise.. :* :*

  7. J.Q. on

    I found nothing new in here and who knows maybe his wife is a Filipina and they cannot get along well as he feels like nothing with her. He cannot accept the fact that he has a cockroach brain compare to Asians. I cannot understand the difference between colors of the skin, are we all not have the same color of bloods?

  8. Fred234 on

    I thought at first it was the Filipino culture he didn’t like, but he goes for Asians in general and color. One should judge another by their character, but you can generalize about their culture and get an idea of that persons character. I personally would avoid hiring a Filipino because of their culture, not their skin color. In general, Filipinos can do repetitive work but I would not hire one to teach as they are (in general) not inclined to use their brain. If you hire more than 2 Filipinos they become a mini tribe in the office and have to be separated for the good of the office. You will find the more Filipinos you have the more corrupt they become, just like their country. Until the Filipinos take a long, hard look at themselves I fear the Filipinos will always be a poor and backwards people.

    • bob12345 on

      Your statement is just a more eloquent version of what he said. This kind of behavior should be stopped. You simply cannot generalize a nation or race based on your random personal experience. You Sir are a bigot and your thinking is more backwards than the race you are discriminating.

      • Fred234 on

        Do you realize how completely ridiculous your reply is? Culture is defined as attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social organization. By definition you can generalize a nation people and if you noticed in my post I used culture, not race, as why I would not hire a filipino. I suggest you look at the word ‘bigot’ then look in the mirror as you obviously fit the definition. Oh, by the way, discrimination is an ability to recognize or perceive differences which is what one uses on a daily basis, something that you are acutely devoid of as your reply shows an ill-trained intellect.

        • bob12345 on

          If you think that profiling a group of people based on their ‘culture’ is not racist at all, clearly you have a more questionable intellect than I do.

          Perhaps you may want to try generalizing the culture of Americans, British, Australians etc and see what they say about it?

          FIlipinos or any other nationality should not work for a man who thinks the way you do. Everybody should be hired based on his own individual merits, not his ‘culture’.

          • Fred234 on

            Reread your last sentence, do you not realize the absurdity of that statement? Individual merits come from their culture. Societies define what is acceptable and what is not, therefore individual characteristics (or merits as you say) are acquired from their society. Characteristics are not something that you pick off of a tree, they are taught.
            Actually, a Filipino would be better off working for me than someone like yourself. You would accept them at face value and these people would never grow, never question any of their actions, never try to improve as a human. Like a pond slowly being suffocated with algae. With me, these people would want to question themselves, their culture their country. They would grow as a human being not because they are forced, but because they want to.

          • bob12345 on

            I’m sorry but you do realize your argument contradicts your earlier statements?

            You just mentioned on your first post that you do not want to hire Filipinos flat out. And now, you claim to be a better employer for them.

            In the end, Craig Thompson is innocent however you, Fred, are something else.

            By the way, i am still waiting for your cultural observations of other countries. I bet they are insightful too.

    • jay on

      Fred 234 you also are a racist dumb fuck!! My missus is a university graduate with a degree in advertising and art,, what do you do besides judge people on what a few bad apples may have done

      • Fred234 on

        Why do you think the Philippines is such a dirty, poor and backward nation? Is it the coconut trees? How about the lizards, is it them? Or maybe the fish that swim around that country? I’ll give you a hint: people. Yeah, its the people that make the place called The Philippines. It’s the Filipino culture that has produced such a h#llhole of a place. Not the coconut trees, the lizards or the fish. It’s the people.

        • Jmart on

          So, you would rather hire those who aren’t raise by Filipino culture in general? For example, you would hire Filipino who are raised in a different culture such as America instead of those who were raised by Filipino culture. Just want clarification because you did say culture not the race itself.

          • Fred234 on

            If they were raised in a Western society I would not consider them a Filipino, but a citizen of that country. So yes would be my answer to your first question.

          • Jmart on

            I won’t question that, I am a Filipino raised in America and I can’t help admit sometimes, not all the time I feel disappointed with Filipino culture.

        • Dagonet on

          Hmmm… You think you exude intelligence with your reasoning and quidnunc-like tendencies. How old are you? You seem to have limited knowledge of the world. Let me tell you an adage. A loose mouth reveals an empty brain. If you need professional help, my father might be able to help.

        • jay on

          Fred 234 mate you’ve obviously had some bad experiences with Filipino people and I’m sorry for that,, luckily for me I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them and I feel grateful for that

        • florence on

          again fred, may i reiterate my invite for you to visit my country the Philippines….. Because while there are bad people in my country, there are also good people. While there are unkempt places, there are also the clean cities and municipalities that we are proud of. But, that is the same case in any other country in the world. One can never claim perfection where there is none.

      • Fred234 on

        Filipinos are more tribal rather than family-oriented. And yes, Filipinos are friendly but usually to extract something from you so they can show their family how clever they are. The women are especially friendly, something that most Filipino men don’t mind as long as they get their cut, eh Noel?
        By the way, you should have used ‘more’ after the word ‘brains’.

        • majorpayne19 on

          I’m sensing Craig Thompson in disguised.
          You may hide in an alias Craig Thompson buy you cannot hide your racist attitude.

          • Fred234 on

            I’m sensing you cannot read. Compare my posts to Craig. Craig is clearly one who doesn’t like non-Caucasian people. My posts contain nothing of the sort. By the way, my girlfriend is Chinese.

          • bob12345 on

            You have a very warped concept of racism. Going along with your rationale, if Hitler dates a Jew, he cannot be considered anti-semitic?

          • Fred234 on

            You keep digging the hole you are in, eh bobby? Clearly, nothing in my posts suggested that having an Asian GF would prove you are not racist. Lets add more fuel. My previous GF (of many years) was a Filipino. She said she was ashamed to be a Filipino because of their behaviours (i.e. their culture). I did not understand why she said that until I worked and lived around several Filipinos, now it is very clear to me. I guess that makes the Filipino woman a racist too eh bobby?

          • bob12345 on

            If i were you, just give it a rest. Obviously your cultural ignorance supersedes your racist trait.

          • Fred234 on

            Is my ex-GF cultural ignorant of her own people and does she also have racist traits? Be careful of your reply as you might be considered a racist. This is pure gold son…….

          • Ferdinand Benedict on

            enough already… cant you see that there are a lot of us who cant understand you or your way of thinking? dont you understand the concept of teamwork, collective analysis, in lay man’s term two or more heads is better than one? you should think about it bub…

          • Fred234 on

            If you can’t understand my clearly written posts I suspect it’s because of poor comprehension and a lack of understanding of the English language. I met many non-native English speakers who have ok conversation skills but put a paragraph in front of them to read and understand they are completely and utterly lost. I highly suggest reading the news in English, preferably business news. After a year or so you might be amazed at how much your comprehension has improved, and also your reading skills, your grammar and conversational skills as well.

          • dywn on

            I’m an Overseas Filipina Worker and i feel the same way as your ex-GF does. Your words written here are my thoughts exactly. Clearly, majority of Filipinos are still living in denial. This should be a call for improvement. I am sad for my country and its culture.

          • Fred234 on

            Self-awareness is difficult and at times painful. I’ve gone thru the same process and it is tough, but a necessary step toward becoming a responsible and thinking person. I’m sure you will do fine in life as you seem to have the right attitude. Good luck!

          • florence on

            Fred, have you been to the Phiippines, my country? I suggest to come give us a visit and experience how warm and hospitable we Filipinos are…. 🙂

            You need more exercises of self-awareness tho…..

          • Fred234 on

            No, I haven’t. I have no desire to visit as there are places that interest me far more than the Philippines.

          • dywn on

            On a lighter note: if u love the beach,You should Fred! El nido is better than Phuket. Just make sure you are accompanied by a Filipino friend. The beaches in the Philippines is one thing i take pride of

          • HK Person on

            Filipino people are one of the most racist ethnic groups in Asia and in the world. They are rude to the people of colour and always make fun of them with racist remarks. However, they worship and kowtow the White people like dogs worship their masters. Chinese, Indians, other Asians, Middle Eastern people and especially the blacks are always subject to prejudice. They all have their own racial slurs in Tagalog (if that still exists as the Filipino people look down on their own culture and language anyways). Filipino women are extremely jealous of other Asian women having White husbands and always stare at them in an unfriendly way around the world. As a Chinese in HK, I’m so glad there are White men like Fred234 to speak out the truth about Filipino people. To dywn and florence, if Fred234 is not a White guy, I am sure you wouldn’t say all those nice things to him and invite him to shitty Philippines. This is another example showing how hypocrite Filipino people are. On one hand, they are crying foul of how people being racists but they just do not realise they are one of the most racist people on the planet.

          • dywn on

            I have brought my American fiance back home Florence. We’ve been to Manila and Boracay. I have assisted and accommodated him the best i could but it was very difficult for me to protect him from our countrymen trying to rip him off 🙁 i was disappointed.

          • dywn on

            I suggest you travel more and visit other countries. Open your eyes. Start with Singapore or Japan. Ask this question : What’s with their culture that made them very progressive? I’ll give you one give-away answer. They are always on-time!

          • florence on

            dywn……. you may be an OFW, working in a foreign land but please remember that you are still brown skinned…… i expected more from you as a Filipino than your above comment.

          • dywn on

            I do remember that i have brown skin everyday Florence and I am proud of it declared my self from the very beginning that I am an OFW. But then again this is not a discussion about skin color. Fred was talking about our culture. I agree with him. I speak for my self as a Filipina who is aware of my weaknesses and my tendencies. I speak of pain and disappointment not of hatred and disgust. My heart breaks every time I go home to Philippines and every thing stayed the same for the last decade. The Philippines is incapable of ambitious advancement because of corruption.If only Filipinos would stop living in denial and accept negative feedback such as these to improve. If only…..until then my heart stays broken.

        • florence on

          Why single out the Filipinos? We, and I speak as a Filipina, may not be a perfect race but so are everyone else in this world… they white, yellow, red or otherwise. Our culture may distract us from improving ourselves but does that merit all your negative comments about us? Not to mention the insults that goes with it? Look at yourself first, re-assess where you came from and try to self introspect on what gives you the right to post all those negativities against the Filipino people. Did it make you a better person and your race whatever it is a more superior one?

    • chris on

      Im just so curious where the “not inclined to use their brain” came from. You cannot really generalize base on some couple of random encounters. Have you been to the Philippines and have you seen and experienced how filipinos live and try to survive- that you say you know so much about culture etc. Filipinos are diligent and hard working but are not given the chance to prove themselves because of prejudice and judgemental people like yourself. Yes.. there might be values or practices that are turn offs but is this not also the same for other countries? Every nation has its strengths and weaknesses..but hopefully this will not ruin an Individual’s chance for equal opportunity and for him or her to be respected, be productive and live life.

      • Fred234 on

        There are some that are diligent, hard-working and of good moral character, my ex-Filipina GF was one of those few. But generally the men are lazy and very untrustworthy. The women are sweet but not to be trusted at all. Your accusation of being prejudice is obviously misplaced as I have formed my opinion with good justification. Inside of blaming others for the obvious woes of the Filipino nation, maybe you should start looking at the Filipinos, their nation, and their culture and ask this question: Why?.

        • kunsabagay on

          Cut the BS and call a spade a spade. Your posts are more a reflection of you rather than what you try to portray the Filipino people to be. To generalize a group of people is arrogant and just plain lazy.

          The Filipino culture is not perfect by a long shot, but it is not basis to label Filipinos as “generally lazy and untrustworthy” unless you conveniently keep your eyes closed and delibrately ignore facts that contradicts this assertion.

          Or is it because its more nuanced than what your mental capacity can grasp, hence the tendency to simplify things as having a causal relationship becomes more convenient to espouse.

        • churregueresque on

          from a country who produced justin bieber and miley cyrus, so convenient. you colonized us, all those trashes may have came from u. most of my people are poor because of you meddling our government. fix your dysfunctional families first which produces a population on crack or anti depressants or on a killing spree in schools for a hobby. ouch. you could eat your burger, so you’d feel good – fat but good. and lastly pay you tax so you could stage a war wherever so you could sell your ammo and dig oil. until then, i wont be bowing to a redneck, praising your almighty. btw, good on your ex, she broke your little pink heart. bhuhuhu. move on girl.

          • Fred234 on

            Typical Filipino, blame someone else for their poverty and misery. You are one Filipino that will never make a better life for yourself or your family as you are too much of a coward to try.

          • churregueresque on

            uhmhuu. coward. u should try getting my IP address old guy. prime is way past you. while i am changing the landscape of middle east. banking on my brown skin, no green passport to back me up. i bet it’s lonely in golden acres.

      • dywn on

        Fred could have better put it this way: Filipinos are more inclined to follow the heart than the brain. They most of the time are too emotional to the point of forgetting logic. It sometimes affect professionalism and decision-making. Too soft-hearted. Both can be good and bad. I am a Filipina and I admit I have the tendency.

    • Pet Rock on

      Allow me to intentionally brag. I’m a Filipina with a master degree in computing. I taught computer courses in a uni for more than 5 years. Last January, I scored 100+ in the TOEFL after 3 weeks of self review. I also self reviewed for a Dutch language test and got an A+. Soooo my brainlessness must be why I got accepted into a prestigious university in The Netherlands. 😉

      Oh I’d avoid your company like the plague. I don’t want to associate myself with someone who thinks having met or employed a few Filipinos makes him an expert on how we perform as individuals. 🙂

      • Fred234 on

        Allow me to correct you. You seemed to have missed the part of my post that said: “In general, Filipinos… they are (in general) not inclined…”.
        You obviously are not typical of a Filipino. In one respect you are – defending the indefensible, a common trait but one that can be overlooked considering we all like to be proud of our home country. But to think that your traits are common among your countrymen is a bit foolish, if not a willful blindness. You may not like this but what I have stated is a common view among millions of people and indeed entire countries. Instead of looking at me (and others) as the problem, maybe you should look at your own people and encourage them to look at themselves. But then, playing the role of victim is much easier and may pay one a few dividends.

        • Franco on

          To Fred234:

          Bakit ganun? Nag-aral naman ako ngunit bakit wala akong makitang saysay o anumang ugnay sa mga dunong mong binubulay?

          Pinilit kong buksan ang mata at isipan at isinara ang sariling interest, ngunit wala pa rin akong matutunan sa angas ng ‘yong katalinuhan.

          Pati kultura namin iyong walang takot na inaapakan.
          Ibinase sa iilang karanasan at inisip na kami’y ganap mong napagaralan? Mahirap nga kami pero hindi kami mangmang. Hirap kaming mag-aral ngunit hindi ibig sabihin wala kaming natutunan. Hindi pa ganoon karami, marahil. Ngunit unti unti lumalawak ang aming kaalaman.

          Subalit siyempre, opinyon mo yan. Opinyon na kadalasa’y salamin ng pagkatao at karanasan.

          Masakit mang maranig, ngunit ang sabi ko na lang, “Pasasaan pa e, mamatay ka rin tulad ng sinuman.”

          Sa huli, pantay lang tayo. Maaabo ka din, at malilimutan. Hindi na maaalala. Hindi na mapapansin.

          Tunog matalino ka, isang bagay na dapat purihin. Ngunit di hamak
          na mas maingay pa ang alingaw-ngaw ng alingasaw ng budhi at pagkatao mong taglay, kaysa sa dunong at yabong ng iyong isipang may malay.

          Oo na, sige na, kami nang mga Pilipino ang pinaka-mababa sa tingin ninyong makikinis ang balat at maging kayong mga nagpapanggap at kutis ay pilit na pinapakinis.

          Ganyan naman talaga ang buhay. Mayroong nasa itaas at mayroong nasa ibaba. Nagkataon lamang na kami ang nasa ibaba. Ngunit hindi ibig sabihin na hindi kayo mamamatay, kayong mga nagiisip na nasa itaas. Bumilang lang kayo ng araw, buwan o taon at matutuklasan din ninyong wala palang kabuluhan ang pagiging mataas o pagiging mababa. Kasi nga, mamatay lahat.

          At darating araw, hindi na maririnig ang mga tinig ng mga hambog at hiyaw ng mayayabang; at hindi na rin mahalaga pa kung ano man ang pinagyayabang ng lahi, kulay o dunong mo ngayon.

          Bakit? Kasi patay ka na rin, tulad ng sasapitin ng lahat.

          Ngayon, may pakinabang ba ang pagiging mataas mo ngayon o karangyaan ng lahi? Dinagdagan ba nito ang bilang ng araw, buwan o taon na natitira sa’yo? Marahil “Oo” kung isa kang dalubhasa. Ngunit mamamaty pa rin sa kahulihan. Maaaring mapalawak mo o
          mapatagal ang buhay, ngunit, mamamatay pa rin sa kaduluhan.

          Ito ang pinakamasakit na katotohanan ng buhay. Sandali o maigsi lang ang ilalagi ng bawat sandali. Isang bagay na dapat pinagiisipan at pinaghahandaan. Isang bagay na sana’y naguugnay sa mga lahing pilit na naghihiwalay. Kaya nga, isang malaking kamangmangan ang ibaling ang buhay sa pagdaramot ng unawa at pagkakait ng pantay na turing sa kapwa.

          Ano ang aral?

          Mahalin mo ang iba, tulad ng pagmamahal na ibinibigay mo sa sarili. Ituring mo silang tao kapantay ng anumang lahi mo. Dahil kung meron mang mananatili sa mundo pagkatapos ng lahat ng ito, iyan ang pagmamahal na naramdaman ng kapwa mo. Maaalala ang haplos ng puso kaysa sa dunong ng nguso.

          Fred234: huwag mong sayangin ang dunong mo. Huwag mong gamitin ito upang mangutya o mang-apak ng kapwa. Sa halip,
          gamitin mo itong instrumento upang matutunan na magmahal ng walang kapalit at matuklasan na ang buhay pala ay hindi humihinga sa pamamagitan ng isip, kundi sa pamamagitan ng puso. Hindi dapat pinaguusapan ang lahi. Hindi dapat pinagtatalunan ang kulay. Hindi dapat gamiting armas ang karunungan o karanasan upang lalong ibagsak ang mga nagkukumahog na mahihirap. Hindi dahil mahirap ang
          isang tao katamaran na ang dahilan. Kung minsan ang kahirapan ay nakaugat din sa kakarampot na pagkakataong hindi naibibigay – isang usaping politikal na wala ring saysay.

          Hindi dapat umasang ikaw lang ang intindihin. Matuto kang umintindi. Dahil ang pagintindi ang simula ng pagtanggap; at ang pagtanggap ang lugar kung saan maaaring maghari ang pagmamahal.

          Mahal ko ang lahi ko. Hindi ibig sabihin bulag ang mga mata ko. Natutunan ko lang tanggapin kung sino ako at mahalin ang kapwa ko dahil sa isang aral na balang araw mawawala rin ako. Hindi ba ‘yon naman ang mabuti? Ang huwag sayangin ang maigsing buhay na taglay upang magbigay saysay bago pa man mamatay.

          Tapusin ko na ang usaping ito at baka mawalan rin ng saysay.


      • dywn on

        There are Filipinos with exceptional credential and qualities just like you that foreign employers like Fred must sift through. The Philippines need someone with a brain like you but why are you in The Netherlands? Why am i an OFW? because our culture,our country hinders our growth. We have to break away to succeed. “padrino system” in the Philippines is something you cant deny and a very difficult hurdle to overcome.

        • Pet Rock on

          Why am I here? Why not? Studies. Why here? Multiculturalism. 🙂
          PH needs me? Hohoho iLaugh. I don’t think so man. It needs people that can be controlled by telenovelas, artistas, gossip TV, game shows, and superstition. When you are in PH, you are in a box. “Break away to succeed.” True. It was a 5 year struggle for me and I’m not about to give it up. And that is why being lumped into a negative category really makes my eyes roll. 🙂

          • Angel VII on

            I say the Philippines need you. Huwag sana nating sukuan ang ating Inang Bayan. If all the Filipinos with the capability and brains thought like this (the comment above), then PH really does not have any chance of progressing. IMO, a lot of FIlipinos (around the world) have the brains, but we need more heart for the country and the people.

          • Pet Rock on

            🙂 Feeling judgey aren’t we? I say I’ve done my fair share for nation building. Have you ever done any kind of volunteer work? You know, the one where you don’t get any monetary compensation? Have you ever lived with an indigenous community, the fisher folks, farmers? Have you taught public school kids how to read or do their arithmetic? Have you volunteered in the National Elections? Have planted trees? You see dearie I started joining volunteer work when I was 15 years old. I am almost in my 40s, I have the right to pursue my personal ambitions; everyone has including you. For me, it meant getting out of the box.

            Now tell me what you’ve done to your Inang Bayan? For all we know you’re just another keyboard warrior whose insight into poverty in PH is what you see portrayed in telenovelas.

    • FilipinoMan on

      Wake up, fellow Filipinos… I am a born and raised Filipino yet I agree that there are some truths to Fred is saying. Our culture made us known in the world to be hospitable and being friendly. These are one among the other good traits we have. But, come one guys, we also have bad attitudes that our culture secretly teaches us. We might seem to ignore it because it very common to us but it is not when it is seen by others. One explicit example is our crab mentality and our “padrino system”. Though not all Filipinos are like this (salute to them), most still are. They do not want others to flourish except for themselves. They do not give what is really due to them. Sometimes, they also help you only if they can get anything from you. It is really difficult to admit that most Filipinos are still like this, even if we like it or not.

      • dywn on

        Yes, i agree with you yukat. Fred speaks the truth. REALITY BITES! Yes it hurts but only boys cry.. C’mon fellow Filipinos, lets take ownership and be aware..then work harder to be better and improve. Radical change is needed for Philippines.

    • Not-The-Typical-Noypi on

      Spot on! First, I’m a Filipino who was born and raised in the PH. I agree on what you said and it got me thinking why my countrymen, in general, have become so sensitive to what Non-Filipino people would say toward us. Maybe because, most are blinded by the idea that we live in a great country with great beaches and hospitable people, etc. (You know the typical Filipino stereotype) You see, that’s actually one of the down side here. Most Filipino tend to get too proud that they have forgotten that life is a learning process. Most are too blind to see what’s really going on and most are afraid to accept the truth especially if criticisms are uttered by Non-Filipino people. I call that ignorance. Fighting for what you believe in without asking and knowing what’s on the other end is ignorance.

      Anyway, I think the main problem here is CORRUPTION – in all kinds of forms. Name it, we sure have it here.

      With all those things that I said, let me tell you that I am not ashamed to be a Filipino. I wouldn’t mind hearing criticisms. I actually invite them. i would take those constructively for as long as it would help me become a better person. If all Filipinos would be open-minded, I wouldn’t be anti -social as it would be nice to have a great open minded conversations with exchange of great ideas with more people as it would feed my mind and soul. I think being open minded, not being hypocrite and spreading awareness would really help the Philippines grow. We should learn to be accountable and stop blaming others for the unfortumate things that happens in our life. Take it as a lesson and your fuel to move forward.

  9. StephanBib on

    My first impression would in a situation like this is an angry ex-GF must have got into his account and is trying to ruin his life. Are we sure he did this. It’s not that their aren’t racists but normally they don’t out themselves so stupidly. It’s so over the top it’s hard for me to believe someone would do it. Maybe he mixed malaria medication with a beer?

  10. Kenn Miller on

    We should give this guy the benefit of the doubt until it has been determined who really made these posts. I am willing to bet his account was hacked and someone wanted revenge. Possibly, an ex-girlfriend. Going by the many mistakes, I really doubt it was Craig that made these posts.

    • Fred234 on

      I have to agree with you. Reads like a non-native English speaker wrote it. One obvious clue is the capitalizing of the first letter of words in the middle of a sentence such a Resume and Photos.

    • Miamor on

      You know Kenn if he really did this, I challenge him to come over in the Philippines…let’s see who really the Filipinos are. That’s too much.
      He better buy a lot in the cemetery earlier and run going there before we say something to him, maybe he can’t face his face anymore and he’ll totally crazy. We’re poor…Yes! But we can still afford to buy you Craig and burn after. Bullshit guy!
      Maybe he bought his Diploma in Khaosan Road.

      • oxygen on

        Filipinos want peace and look at all the stupid lazy filipino peenoise here… All the hate coming from you is more disgusting than what his ex-gf has done. Awesome asian girlfriends, all of them jealous bitches. Just like you peenoise. Instead of acting intelligent, you continue the hate. Screw you.

  11. Noel Sales Barcelona on

    I don’t know why he hates Filipinos so much but let me tell you Craig something: The way you talk, you will reincarnate as a fungus over a piece of shit. That’s all. Thank you. And oh, make sure that you really are good in grammar.

    • Jezreel Mallari Llanera on

      Thanks Travel_Partners for sharing this. I already sent a couple of messages since yesterday requesting for his side of story but until now I haven’t heard anything from him. I’m now preparing a follow-up story and will submit it to PinoyThaiyo as soon as I get his side. Thanks again.

  12. Dannah Marbella-Luna on

    No race or culture is better than another. Unless you can give me evidence of a race that has an extra pair of chromosomes, then I will rest my case.

      • Dannah Marbella-Luna on

        People who did not get this statement are those whose IQ doesn’t register above 50. For anyone who needs explaining, what I meant about my statement is HUMAN BEINGS ARE ALL THE SAME. CAUCASIANS, NEGROIDS, MONGOLS – WE ARE ALL UNDER THE SAME SPECIES. Cultures may differ from each other, but it does not make one nation better than the other. You are all deluding yourselves into calling countries and cultures by “labels”. I’d rather live in a third-world country where people respect one another, than in a first-world nation where everyone stabs one another in the back.

  13. johnmiguel on

    This so-called “Craig Thompson” is bashing asians in an asian country, namely Thailand. No common sense, this one.He wants to hire teachers to teach english for him but his own english is atrociously written and badly spelt. I foresee disaster for anyone who gets employed by this low-flying sheister. Beware, everyone, from even appyling for a job with this horrible person. I don’t even think he’s using his real name because he wrote a line under his “name” – “2 minuten in der naehe von Bangkok”, which is german for “2 minutes from Bangkok”. Everyone stay away from this Craig Thompson.

  14. Travel_Partners on

    johnmiguel, how about you read the posts below and keep your opinions to yourself until the updated article is written.

  15. Lee Jae-hyun on

    This Craig Thompson and this Fred234 are such racists. I AM A FILIPINO and I can say that, yes we have our own flaws but remember you and us are not different. We just differ in color but the way you do things makes us the same.
    Let me remind you that you are just a step higher because of the economical status of your country but not because you speak better english than us or because you are white.

    I personally dare you to meet me in person and discuss things up and see where it would lead us to.

    I can be rude but I prefer not to. I can be a stalker and stalk you or even kill you but I prefer not to.
    You idiots thinks that we Filipinos are parasites and I am fuckin tired of all the racisms you do.

    I am just here in the Philippines,working in one of the offices in Manila and I am ready for any possible meet up with such nonsense idiots and dickheads like Thompson and Fred234

    • Fred234 on

      I hate to burst your bubble, but you and I are not the same. Nor do we do things the same way. You may have all the trappings of a first world country such as computers, software, machinery etc. but that is only a very superficial similarity. The reason you have such a backward country and the West, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, etc are so advanced is the difference in HOW its society and its citizens think. That’s it. Yeah, it is that simple and I suggest you really, really think about this.

  16. Ferdinand Benedict on

    assuming that he was hacked, he is still responsible for securing his account. our company requires that we should lock our computers when not in use, not to share our account info and to run a security software to protect us from identity theft. failure to do so means that we are accountable for any private information we share and can be sanctioned ranging from disciplinary, suspension, dismissal and/or filing of administrative/legal action.

  17. Marianne DeeLim on

    He’s not just talking about Filipinos but Asians as well, considering he resides and lives in Thailand. We are trying to create a harmonious world for our children and trying to surround them with positive people and norms. How do you expect to get harmony and learn to be positive at all times when they are confronted with such negative person like MR. Thompson. He is giving an ESL teacher/ teachers such bad names. I hope his children doesn’t grow up like him who has so much anger, hatred and prejudice inside him. Be grateful that Asians embraced you and your wayward attitude and welcome you to their country. Don’t bite the hands that feed you else it will be too late to learn… Our tongue is very powerful. It can speak healing or killing… it can be a medicine or a poison and you might be drinking the poison you spew in the end. Learn some humility and compassion for others coz in that way, you will get the same compassion too. God bless you, your family and career.

  18. henry lim on

    Mr. Craig Thompson do you have a medical insurance? I suggest you go see a doctor or better come and learn what the Lord Jesus Christ is teaching. You need need love buddy.

  19. Ljane Barbour on

    Mr. Craig Thompson you are a racist. So, brave to bash the Filipinos behind social media. Ha! I wonder why are you in Thailand?! Well, can’t get a job in your country ei??!! I wonder what’s your skeleton behind your closet??!! You are so pathetic to belittle Filipinos when all you do is capitalizing your race as a “Caucasian”. Yep, you are “White” but look where it got you?? You are still in Thailand Dude…drinking, partying, and bashing Filipinos. Sigh, we can’t fix stupid and that is you Mr. Craig Thompson.

    • oxygen on

      I like this ‘why are you here? go back home’ fucking mentality. Just represents how dumb and ignorant shit asshole you are. We come here to work and some of us come here to teach English to children. BUT most of the people here don’t like us / are ignorant / happy till they see money in our pocket. This is our profession, this is what we want to do. We are trying to help the people here to encourage them to speak more languages but thanks to the failure of the ministry of education it’s difficult, shame on you discriminative idiot. At least we try to fix the problems by suggesting people here what they should do. But thais never listen to us because they are ignorant and think they are better in everything. Hell no. Just look at it…

  20. Jo on

    This was a set up.. There is a scorned woman behind this story… I am not protecting him as I even volunteered to report him but after a certain woman posted it to gather more hateful comments.. She also commented exactly with the same grammar mistakes. You don’t have to be a scientist to put it all together to know the real deal.

    • tim on

      I’m sad for this man…he claims to be a caucasian?….he looks like a cave man…I salute you more enlightened people to defend my nationality….salamat….

  21. oxygen on

    Horrible management? How do you know if you have never worked with that company? You just stated this without any reason just to make his FB page shut down. Stupid bitch. You wouldn’t say that if you have never read about this article.
    It’s his business what he thinks, why brag about it? If you are angry about it then you are one of these he mentioned. If you are intelligent, you just ‘haha’, move on and never see his page again. People especially stupid peenoise complaining about it are as retard and unintelligent as this this guy who just has a different opinion than you. Accept it.

  22. Bryan Mendoza on

    That’s what Thais love, Native speakers who can say the authentic F word to them and treat them like shit and evwn reward them with juicy positions, All holidays paid!!! 35k Baht?!? Seriously? That’s very cheap to say the F word in pure Native English!

    • Chujinsa Chu on

      Their money, their business.

      If you don’t want to be treat like that, simply find other’s career, not a teacher. That’s the easiest solution. And it’s more mature and wise than whining and play victim mentality like a cry baby.

  23. Dr What on

    I hope EVERYONE actually understands his “application” and his comments to truly mean he intends to exploit whomever he hires and perhaps will even murder you. This is a sick person and someone should investigate him and what he’s doing. I don’t care if you are Thai , you would be nucking FUTS if yu accepted anything from this Moron and possible Murderer.

  24. Suzan on

    This is appalling!
    I am glad I don’t have any children, if this is an example of the people who would take care of their education, I would rather not have any.

    Not only is he demeaning Filipinos, he is also demeaning Other races.

    Excuse me for my ignorance, but I was not aware that being poor is unacceptable. So what if they come from a “poor country” as you put it? At least they are out there trying to better their lives and earn an honest living. Just like the rest of us.
    Maybe you would have had better manner if you were taught by a Pinoy.

  25. Charlie Decena on

    there will come a time that our country will be far richer than yours BUT i promise you we will never do what you are doing to us Filipinos #weloveforthebettergood

  26. Luiting on

    If he’s an ESL teacher, I wonder how he handle his students. His spelling and grammar is categorically terrible, e.g.” most poorest”

  27. Hazel Biatch on

    This person has been corrected numerous times about his english speaking and writing mistakes by Filipinos that’s why he is pissed off. Hahaha. Actually bobo etong taong eto.

  28. Ruel Odono on

    He is psychologically incapacitated, ill-mannered, etc. Most of all, in Filipino “ang lake ng sira ng ulo” Let us prove to him he is absolutely wrong.

  29. YukiJ on

    The good thing about news like this coming to light is that it once again opens a dialogue to discuss the effect of racism and its, oftentimes, unchecked spread across social media. Racism that used to exist in conversations with possibly like-minded individuals have found a bigger audience with the advancements bought about a more social culture.

    The bad thing about it, instead of promoting peace and learning to be tolerant of another culture or race, it lends itself to become a platform were one tries to upstage another culture in a constant cycle of “I’m better than you”, “my race is better than yours”, “I have a superior culture”, etc. It pretty much flows on the same context with different players taking side.

    The problem with singling out and generalizing a culture is how limiting it gets. Just because you’ve seen/experienced someone’s bad side, it doesn’t mean you don’t have your own bad side that the other person could have experienced. Generalizing a nation, a race, a people, basically implants a preconceived notion and expectation. It limits the capability of an individual to be judged based on one’s merit and skills. A nation is built by individuals, a culture is composed of many different individuals, a race is simply an “assigned” identity to an individual based on their ancestry. To judge an individual based on any of these preconceived ideas is extremely prejudiced.

    No nation is without its flaws, no race is blameless, and no one individual can speak for the whole. Rather than spread more viciousness with escalating word wars, culture-shaming, race-shaming, endless bigotry, it would be more productive to work on improving ourselves as individuals contributing to the betterment of society. True, the ideal society, or as ideal as it can be agreed on by the majority, may not happen in our lifetime. We will get frustrated with the lack of unforeseen progress, but rather than continually blame our nation’s leaders and their agendas, it’ll be best to contribute in our own small way. Start by re-educating ourselves to be open-minded individuals capable of understanding the needs of our nations and getting creative in how we can address those needs.

    Many such individuals have found their own path to help our society grow, so rather than spew hate, why not just brainstorm to seek out ways where we can all contribute in our own little way?

  30. Justerine Valiña Reniva on

    The way i see it, the more racism is discussed the more it comes alive. i live in Canada and it’s very minimal where I’m living not only because people will react once you do but ‘coz you just won’t. We’re all PEOPLE… Born and race in different parts of the world with different backgrounds which is why we have differences. But we all cry when tragedies come to others and when there is injustice ‘coz we are humane no matter what. Bottomline is, if there is HUMANITY everything else fades away.

  31. jaceyguintu on

    Does he kiss anyone with that mouth
    I am just offended I showed my mom
    And she was just mad
    We are Filipinos
    Some Filipinos actually work hard well not some
    And if people don’t appreciate that then they should leave all their offensive comments out of here
    I am a kid and I’m looking at this

  32. Arlene Guardiano Castillo on

    You better know first what you are saying… your logical reason is like from a ten-year -old… the way you post is not in a professional way…

  33. HK Person on

    To all the Filipino people, next time when you yell at someone being racist, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if Filipino people are really that friendly and hospitable to people of colour. Filipino people are one of the most racist ethnic groups in Asia and the world as they look down on Chinese, Indians, other Asians. Middle Eastern people and especially Blacks. These people of colour are often subject to prejudice and being treated rudely in the Philippines and even outside of the Philippines. White people on the other hand are being treated like kings – of course for some specially reasons…

    Filipino people have serious inferiority complex that they wanted to get rid of their culture, languages and their looks which is really unfathomable to the outsiders.

    Filipino people always blame the Filipino Chinese for their own poverty and misery yet they do not realise there are so many jobs the Filipino Chinese have created for the ethnic Filipino people. In terms of arrogance, Filipino people can claim the top spot as their ego is always as high as the sky with their own “Filipino pride”. This is really funny … Anyhow, I should stop wasting my time here on educating you Filipino people as you people are just hopeless. Go on blaming other people and carry on with your “Filipino pride”.

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