BTS to increase fares again

Transport giant BTS may increase fares again, as reported by Thai news site Thansettakij.

The said possible increase in fares is due to the rising cost and the expansion of the said mode of transportation. According to BTS Group Chairperson Kiri Karnjanapas, the increase was also caused by the switching of system to the Mangmoon Card. The Mangmoon card has long been rumored to be used as an all-in-one card, making BTS, MRT, Airport Link and even ferry services transportation an ease. This was originally scheduled for release on August 2016, but had been pushed back in April 2017, then June and then October 2017.

Karnjanapas also explained that aside from the new stations opening soon, BTS had to also put up with the rising maintenance costs that came from the increased number of passengers. BTS currently has around 900,000 passengers a day, which is believed to be increased by 120-percent more in three years time to 2 million passengers.

Price of BTS fares had already increased once this year in October, from 15-42 THB, to 16-44 THB.