OFWs urge to exercise right to vote
Buhay OFW

Chairman of the Overseas Voting Secretariat encourages OFWs to vote

Mr. Rafael E Seguis, Chairman of the Overseas Voting Secretariat and Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, encourages Filipinos working abroad to vote in the upcoming 2016 Philippine national elections. This is to support “nation-building efforts in strengthening Philippine democracy”.

The voting period for registered Filipino voters based overseas is from April 9 – May 9, 2016. Filipinos living abroad once again would have a chance to play a significant part in choosing leaders that will manage our vital contribution as OFWs to the Philippine economy.

For more information on the candidates as well as where and how to vote, please visit the Philippine Embassy website or the Consulate nearest your area, or see these sites: www.comelec.gov.ph or www.dfa-oavs.gov.ph.

Rafael Seguis