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“Christian” school collects 20-baht for application form

Job hunting during October is a common scenario among teacher applicants in Thailand because classes end in September and resume in November. Hence many applicants usually try their luck of finding a new job at this time of the year. Besides, there’s nothing to lose in trying. What a bizarre and totally uncommon experience (if not unprecedented) it is when you happen to walk-in to schools that collect 20 baht for an application form that you have to photocopy yourself and pay for it as well.

A Facebook post on Wednesday narrated how a “Christian” school charged her 20 baht for the application form. Shocked, she decided to just leave and walk away.

Below is the complete post:

“I walked in at a Christian school and told them I was applying for a teaching job. As I was about to sit down, the lady who ushered me took out a paper from the file cabinet and handed it to me saying, “This form, you pay 20 Baht.”

I took the application paper and was about to fill it in but I just said,’No’.

*A photocopy is worth 1 Baht; Back2Back would be 3 Baht.

Thailand makes me wide-eyed in a different way sometimes…”

20 baht per form