Anette Pollner

Create Your Personal Writing Practice with Ms Anette Pollner

Professional writing coach and bestselling author Anette Pollner will hold her third and final Create Your Personal Writing Practice development workshop-seminar at The Quarter Co-Working Space on March 11, 2017 from 1-4pm.

Design and Test Your Personal Writing Practice is the final stretch of Ms Anette’s series of workshops that targets one’s innate potential in the field of writing, may it be personal blogging or in the professional writing.

Ms Anette Pollner is the leader of the Bangkok Women’s Writers Group and a regular writer for Big Chili. She has also won several novel and essay prizes which means, you are definitely not trusting an ordinary face in the business, you are actually getting the best. Her final workshop starts with her ‘Superfocus’ session that frees the spirit; unleashes one’s gauge and capacity, taps new ideas and stories you did not even know existed.

Workshop fee is 1,550 baht for late registration and 1,900 for walk-ins.

For booking inquiries, please email at or visit their website at for further details.

Do not allow this opportunity to simply pass. Attend the final leg of Anette Pollner’s Create Your Personal Writing Practice right now.