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Filipino asks financial assistance for ICU expenses

A Filipino is currently confined at the ICU division of the Nawamin 9 Hospital in Minburi and in need of financial support.

Nanay Gaudiosa Bulan, 69, has been inside the intensive care unit (ICU) of the said hospital for 6 days according to Shirley Bulan’s post. Nanay is diagnosed with kidney stone infection and enlargement of the heart. Nanay Gadiosa is in Thailand with her two children who also work as teachers. She was the one looking after her grandchild before her hospitalization.

The post continues that her family has to spend 20,000 to 30,000 BHT a day in order to suffice the medical expenses in the said hospital.

On Thursday afternoon, OFW Quickservants officers and some concerned Filipinos from Tindahan ni Aling RJ visited and gave some financial help.

The Philippine Embassy in Thailand was also notified of Bulan’s condition. Assistance to Nationals (ATN) in an email said they “will be contacting Shirley Bulan for appropriate advice and assistance”.

For those who would like to extend any help to Nanay Gadiosa, kindly deposit your monetary donations to her daughter SHIRLEY P BULAN’s Thanachat account, 638-6-00883-7.