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Filipino Blogger wins at TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2016

Jojo Vito, a Filipino blogger from Bacolod City, won the TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2016. A graduate school professor and owner of his own handicraft business, Jon has been blogging since 2011.

As a part of his winning prize, he was treated to a trip in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. He and 5 other bloggers, went to experience Thai culture through food. According to his blog post for, they went in to dine at Eat Sight Story, a restaurant with an uninterrupted view of Wat Arun, located at Daeng Pier, Maharat Road in Bangkok. He further relayed the story of how Eat Sight Story restaurant got its name, the appeal of its interior design and even the dishes served. Pizza krapao moo (pizza topped with spicy stir-fried pork), nuea krapao krob ( stir-fried beef with basil) and pla salmon (deep fried salmon) are some of his recommended dishes. He finally ends his blog with “‘Eat Sight Story’ is the perfect combination of taste, scenery and history and this Filipino blogger was definitely delighted”.

Jon has also joined and won similar blogging competitions including Kerala Blog Express 3 in India.

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