Filipino film “BY THE SEA” to be screened on May 30 at Cinema Oasis Bangkok

Filipino film “BY THE SEA” will be screened today, Thursday, May 30 at Cinema Oasis in Bangkok. Screening will start at 7:30 pm. Entrance is free.

The Philippine Embassy in Bangkok is inviting the Filipino community to support the film.

“The Philippine Embassy wishes to inform the Filipino community that 9FilmFest at Cinema Oasis will be screening during its festival a Filipino film entitled “BY THE SEA”, directed by Mr. Raymond Pangilinan,” said in an email. Pangilinan is a  freelance video editor and motion graphics artist for television and currently works as a master editor for TV5 in the Philippines.

According to theatre manager Mr. Brian Benette, Mr. Pangilinan will be flying to Bangkok for the screening of his film. He also said that entrance is free although the cinema would welcome any donation from the viewers.

For more details about the 9FilmFest please visit http://www.9filmfest.com/