JIL Thailand celebrates 7th anniversary

Jesus is Lord (JIL) Thailand celebrated its 7th year anniversary and held Christmas celebration on December 25, 2016 at ABC World, Ramkamhaeng soi 30.

The celebration was participated by around 300 foreign and local church members who attend services in Thailand. It was also a joint fellowship by congregations in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Suphanburi. Guests and participants were from the Philippines, Thailand, the US, China, Pakistan and Europe.

“To bring all people to the kingdom of the living God regardless of race,status, beliefs and religious affiliations through the saving healing and transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ” was the main objective of the gathering.

Meanwhile, Pastora Maribel Agravante Escarpe also expressed her gratitude to all church leaders, workers and JIL members who contributed to the success of the program.

Here is JIL’s schedule of services:

JIL Bangkok Sunday Services
1st service 7:30 am – 9 am
Main service 10 am -12 pm
Eve service 7 pm – 9 pm
Soaking prayer Friday 7 pm – 9 pm

JIL Nonthaburi
Sunday service 10 am -12 pm
Soaking prayer Friday 6 pm-8 pm
2nd floor Bangyai Bazaar (BB Market)
Bangyai City, Nonthaburi, Thailand

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For inquiries, please call +66897883039 or +66897937104. You may also visit JIL’s website at and Facebook page.

Photos: JIL Thailand