pinoythaiyo jollibee and barci dancing in malaysia
Photo screencopy from nandosmy
Blazing Pinoy

Jollibee spontaneously shows Filipino jovial trait in Malaysia, dances off with Barci

When it comes to giving smiles to its shared clients, competitors do not need to hit each other to prove who’s better. They can work together to treat their customers’ hearts, and that’s what Jollibee and Barci did in Malaysia in a spontaneous fashion to the delight of the onlookers.

In the Philippines, Jollibee is famous for entertaining kids and adults alike with its perfect renditions of the latest dance craze. With its ever-happy eyes and smiling face, anyone seeing Jollibee doing the trendy steps has to stop and get his or her camera to capture the gleeful moment.

This time, Jollibee was seen in a now-viral video dancing off with another mascot, Barci, in Malaysia. Barci is a bird mascot of a South-African fast-food chain named Nando.

In the video, it appears that Nando has a promotional event around the mall and that Jollibee is seen passing by. The caption in the video says that Barci invited Jollibee for a dance party, for which the bee gladly accepted.

@nandosmy Barci made a friend #nandosmy #nandos @jollibeemy ♬ original sound – Nando’s Malaysia

A few moments passed and both mascots were enjoying their time grooving to upbeat music inside the mall. As of the writing, the video on Tiktok has gathered 20,000 likes and 300 comments.

“Making me want to grab Jollibee and Nando’s because this was so wholesome,” one user commented.

“Why do things like this never happen when I’m at the mall,” another wrote.

Jollibee is well-received in Malaysia since its opening in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Its first branch in West Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid which was opened earlier this year was a huge success, with its famous Chickenjoy sold out on its first day alone.

Now back to Bangkok, with the undying question in mind: “When will Jollibee go to Thailand?” Can anyone please tell him that Thailand is now open with fewer restrictions? What’s the hurdle, Jollibee? Is it the immigration officers?