pinoythaiyo bts butt gripping train poles

BTS warns commuters to stop gripping its train poles with their butts

Bangkok. THAILAND. “Please do not lean on the poles in the train,” the BTS Skytrain lectured its commuters in an effort to make the BTS ride more comfortable for everyone.

The now-viral post from its official Facebook page became a hot chatter among netizens recently, especially those who regularly use the BTS train to move around Bangkok during rush hours.

The bizarre graphic art is definitely an eye-catcher: an uneasy female university student looking at a grinning shady figure with its thick glutes gripping the pole! One should never miss the very timely message.

“The main purpose of the poles in trains is for commuters to get a grip to provide safe travels for everyone. Please be kind to your companions and provide space for others to hold the pole,” the caption says.

BTS further added that leaning one’s back against the pole with other passengers’ hands on it should be avoided.

“Do not lean against the pole or lean on the hands of other passengers who are holding the pole first.”

These should be a no-brainer. Imagine one’s sweaty back pressing on your hands. It’s definitely a cause of raised eyebrows and undue stress, how much more with the butt!

The post also went on to encourage good hygiene, noting that all commuters should use alcohol gels to wash their hands before and after gripping the steel, not with the bum-bum but with their hands.

As expected, comments are equally eyeball catcher as with the shadowy figure.

“Please do not twerk on the skytrain BTS,” Supakit Nupuak suggested.

“Does it have to be that tight?” another asked.

Source: BTS Facebook page