Lockdown measures to contain COVID-19 in Rayong

Rayong provincial authorities have issued orders to close places at risk of Covid-19 both inside and outside the city after 36 people were infected in the province.

The Rayong Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced closure of the following locations:

Boxing stadium;

Boxing training gyms;

Cockfight ring;

Cockfight practice ground;

Snooker and billiards establishments.

In Muang district, the following venues will be closed:

Entertainment venues, pubs, bars, and similar establishments;

Educational institutions, cram school and schools of art, sports and vocational schools both in public and private sector;

Child development centre and early childhood development centre, both public and private sector;

Nurseries, except permanent home service;

Home care for the elderly, except permanent home service;

Business establishments; Massage parlours, herbal steam bath place, massage shops — facial, body, foot;

Game shop, internet cafe, and karaoke booth;

Beauty clinic;

Fitness centre and gym;

Public swimming pool;

Learning park;


Learning centre or any other place with the same services;

Public library;

Places engaged in tattooing or piercing of the skin or any part of the body;


Water park;


Amusement park;

Department store, shopping centre, community mall, stores selling building materials, and computer and technology distribution centres; Supermarkets, drugstores, shops selling necessities, telecommunication businesses, banks, government offices and state enterprises to remain open;

Restaurants in malls are open only for take-home orders.

Measures for areas outside Muang district:

Pubs, bars, entertainment establishments and service-like establishments open until midnight.

Source: The Nation Thailand