Open bank account without work permit

Non-immigrant visa (B, Ed & O) can be used to open Krungsri account

Aside from passport and work permit (WP), passport with non-immigrant types of visa such as “B”, “Ed” and “O” can be used to open an account with Krungsri Bank as well.

This was clarified by Krungsri Bank Western Union Marketing and Operations Departments. Many Filipinos have already opened a bank account with Krungsri Bank which can be used to send remittances to the Philippines online or via ATM  with Western Union.

Below are the requirements to open a savings account with Krungsri Bank.

Valid passport + one of the following supporting documents:

  1. Work Permit
  2. Home registration which specified the customer’s name and address in Thailand
  3. Certificate from an educational institute  in Thailand
  4. Long-term housing contract (at least one year)
  5. Sale and purchase contract for property in Thailand
  6. Utility bills with contract address in Thailand
  7. Other bank statement with address in Thailand
  8. Alien identification card
  9. Thai driver’s license
  10. Certificate from reliable organization such as Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nations)

If you have any of these supporting documents and you’re still not allowed to open an account, you may call 022962345 or PM Jezreel Llanera, PinoyThaiyo co-founder and marketing partner of Krungsri Bank Western Union.