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Power outage causes stranded passengers to faint at the Airport Rail Link

A sudden power outage of the Airport Rail Link train service located at the Ramkhamhaeng station caused many passengers to faint on Monday morning. This brought the train to a standstill between the Hua Mark and Ramkamhaeng stations.

According to Bangkok Post, the power shut down at around 8:15 in the morning, with the doors locked, thus making passengers stranded to faint inside the train without air-conditioning for almost an hour.

FM91 traffic radio site reported that “a total of six passengers fainted”.

Jor Sor 100’s Facebook Page stated that by 9:24 am, it was reported that the train doors had already been opened and passengers that passed out were among the first ones to be rescued.

It was announced however, at the Ramkhamhaeng station that the power problem is still under repair.

Gen Daran Yuthawongsuk, acting manager at Airport Rail Link, stated that the problem was caused by a drop in the power voltage at Ramkhamhaeng station. He added that repair crews were working in it, he said.

Train services have resumed at 10:15 a.m.

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Photo: Bangkok Post