RCB Film Club features Swiss movie ‘HOW ABOUT LOVE’ on October 12

RCB Film Club’s October movie is ‘HOW ABOUT LOVE’ from Switzerland, by noted film-maker Stefan Haupt, an Asia-lover, who has visited Thailand several times. In fact, this film was shot in Chiangmai, and deals with the topical issue of Burmese refugees on the Thai borders.

The film screening is on SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER, at 4:00 PM 

The story centers around a Swiss surgeon Dr Fritz Reinhart who comes with his wife Lena for a holiday to Chiangmai, and visits a Burmese refugee camp, where his doctor-friend Bruno is working. He is very moved by the plight of the refugees, and decides to stay on and help them, while his wife returns home. 

The doctor meets the quietly confident Burmese refugee girl Say Paw, who is a helper at the camp, and a recorder of the refugees’ stories. They are deeply attracted to each other. This places him in big trouble with his wife and three children. Dr Fritz is in great turmoil, and needs to make choices.

The director said he based his story on many real-life tales. His parents hosted several Cambodian refugees at their home in Switzerland over the years. 

The film created waves at various festivals in Europe, US and Asia. 

The Embassy of Switzerland supports the film event and will host a Reception after the screening.

FOR RESERVATIONS: clubmovie2019@gmail.com

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSQ7Wdui1iY

Photo: Triluna Film