retired military officers PBBM Romualdez

Retired military officers reiterate commitment to PBBM and Romualdez leadership

Some retired officers of the Philippine military forces met with House Speaker Romualdez to show support for the House leadership and President Marcos Jr.’s administration.

The soldiers are affiliated with various prestigious military organizations, including the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association (PMAAAI), Association of Generals and Flag Officers (AGFO), Philippine Military Academy Retired Alumni Association (PMARAA), and National ROTC Alumni Association, Inc. (NARAAI).

During the meeting, the retired military officials reiterated their commitment to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., expressing unwavering support for both his administration and the leadership of the House of Representatives.

The reassurance of loyalty to these key figures stresses the continued alignment of the retired soldiers with the political direction and governance represented by President Marcos Jr. amidst destabilization plans.

Additionally, the engagement with Speaker Romualdez signals a collaborative relationship between the retired military community and the legislative branch, as they come together to discuss matters of shared interest and concern.

Source: Radyo Pilipinas