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Thailand to build Seaplane Terminal in Phuket, citing Maldive’s success

The State-owned Airports of Thailand (AOT) is in the planning stages for the construction of a Seaplane Terminal at Phuket International Airport. The primary objective is to boost tourism and expand the airport’s capabilities by streamlining travel to various beaches and islands.

Phuket is one of the favorite destinations in Thailand by local and international adventurers. According to, the island of Phuket welcomed more than 110,000 visitors in April 2023 alone. Approximately 63.5 thousands of these are from Russia, around 46.7 are from China, and the rest of the major groups of foreign arrivals were from India, Australia, and England.

The prospective venture, estimated at around 8 billion baht, is currently immersed in its preliminary study phase, inclusive of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study, set to conclude this year. The impending bidding process is scheduled to kick off next year.

This will be Thailand’s first Seaplane Terminal upon successful realization. The proposed Seaplane Terminal aligns with emerging travel trends, facilitating swift connectivity to coveted destinations like Phuket-Samui, Phuket-Pattaya, and Phuket-Hua Hin.

AOT Director Kirati Kitmanawat highlights the proven success of similar projects in renowned tourist havens, citing the Maldives as an exemplar.

Notably, airlines have already signaled keen interest in participating, underlining the appeal and viability of such a strategic addition.

As Thailand charts this groundbreaking course, the envisioned Seaplane Terminal could herald a new era in the nation’s air travel infrastructure, fostering both domestic and international tourism.

Source: Thai Enquirer