Thai authorities warn fake vaccine certificates may result in prison sentence

Fake news has been spreading about the availability of shady services to issue COVID-19 vaccination certificates for persons who have not been inoculated. Authorities are warning that this is false information, and forgery of state documents entails legal penalties of imprisonment and fines.

The government’s Anti-fake News center has checked with the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health about the factuality of such news, to find that the vaccination certificates being produced by online vendors were falsified documents. The Public Health Ministry asserted that the real certificate may only be issued at the vaccination site, and therefore people who did not receive the vaccine were not entitled to the document.

People are urged to be aware that forgery of state documents carries legal penalties that may include a prison term and a fine.

Authorities are asking for public cooperation in not forwarding or sharing information about fake certificate services. Information about the COVID-19 situation in Thailand and best disease control practices can be acquired from or by calling 1422.

Source: NNT