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Thai woman spends 300k baht for her wedding, ends up with runaway groom

A Thai woman from the province of Prachinburi, Thailand has spent 300,000 baht for her wedding day, but the groom did not show up. She suspected that her groom could not afford the dowry requested by her parents.

Namthip, a 40-year-old factory worker, confessed that the money was borrowed from her family and was spent all for the wedding.

Various Chinese ceremonies and traditions and fifty tables of food and drinks for the guests were prepared. Guests already came in and welcomed by her but as time passed by the groom was still not around. Namthip tried to call, but he did not pick up. She then realized that her wedding that day with the man she trusted would not push through.

With a shaking voice, Namthip told the Thai media that her boyfriend was a good guy and easily got along with her family. His manly stature, personality, and way of speaking fit his claim to be a bodyguard for a local politician in Nadi subdistrict.

“Me and my boyfriend, who claimed to be a Sergeant Major, have been in a relationship since December last year. He also claimed to be a bodyguard for local politician in Nadi subdistrict. His personality, clothes and speech made me believe he was a real soldier and bodyguard. Therefore, I felt no need to confirm his identity with the army while we were together. He was a good-natured man, consistently got along well with my family, and took care of everything in the house,” Namthip told the media.

Namthip added that her boyfriend, Suwannahong (or Ek), also claimed that he was a Sergeant Major. This prompted her to check with the military if there is such a name in the Thai army. Upon checking the army’s database, Deputy Spokesman of the Royal Thai Army Cl. Sirichan Ngathong said that no such name exists.

Namthip’s parents requested a dowry of 200,000 baht and 3 baht of gold. Ek called Namthip the night before the wedding and argued about the dowry money. Since then, Namthip was not able to contact her guy.

She also said that all throughout their relationship, she attempted several times to visit Ek’s relatives in Nakhon Ratchasima, which she never had a chance to speak with even once. Namthip claimed that Ek would always find ways of not letting it happen.

As of writing, Ek remains a runaway groom.

Source: Ejan