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Woman Caught on Camera Stealing at Bobae Market

BANGKOK. A seemingly decent old lady was caught on a security camera stealing a purse inside the busy Bobae market in Bangkok.

Facebook user Natthawut Phuangprasoet posted the one-minute video on the social media Thursday morning. The video timestamp says ‘2015-05-13 13:51’.

In the video, the old lady was seen as passing behind the unsuspecting woman and took advantage of the opportunity. She quickly executed her plan without hesitation. By hanging her bag on her left hand, she strategically leveled her hand in the same opening of the victim’s bag. Moving closer to the victim and while her right arm was checking the sale garments, she slowly and skillfully managed to pick the victim’s purse with her left hand. She then walked away as if nothing happened.

What can we learn from this incident?


Posted by Natthawut Phuangprasoet on Wednesday, May 13, 2015