Blazing Pinoy

Jane Cabaya, no longer connected with SWD II Kapamilya group

This is to inform the public that Ms. Jane Cabaya is no longer connected with SWD II Kapamilya, a Facebook group whose members are composed of Filipino expats in Thailand.

Cabaya who is known for taking initiative in helping pinoys in need was apparently removed by the group creator  without her knowledge.

Ms. Cabaya is considered a philonthrophist in her own way. She has led a number of fund raising campaigns to help underprivileged and needy Filipinos in Thailand. Recently, she, along with other Filipinos, helped Pinoy hip-hop dancers who came to compete in Thailand.

You may join Ms. Jane in a new Facebook group named “Kababayan at Kapamilya sa Thailand”, a group dedicated in helping pinoys in Thailand.